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Fear Factor: The ICANN Domain Revolt

The flash mob dance by the world's most powerful groups of agencies against ICANN's new gTLD domain name program must not be taken lightly. After all, these global bodies represent the real manipulaters of emotions. They influence our taste, habits and behavior -- like type of cereal, length of skirts and width of ties. Commercials and reality shows teach us how to role play in cubicles or dance at weddings.


How Much for That ICANN gTLD?

Is US$185,000 the right price for a single generic top-level domain? No, it's definitely not. If a gTLD is supposed to provide worldwide exclusive use of a name identity with unlimited sub-name-brand-extension-domains, this amount is insufficient for ICANN to add critical features to the same application process. ...


The Quick Demise of Qwikster

The superstar movie rental giant Netflix rapidly graduated to movie streaming and suddenly splintered off its old-fashioned DVD-by-mail service to create "Qwikster," a separate division with a name identity inspired by the likes of "Twitter" and "Napster," etc. ...


The ICANN gTLD: Fantasy vs. Reality

Gary Elliot, chairman of the Association of National Advertisers and vice president of global marketing at Hewlett-Packard, wrote a column in Advertising Age titled "ICANN's Promises Aren't Simply Speculation, They're Outright Fantasy."His arguments opposing ICANN gTLDs echo those of other advertising association leaders around the world ...


What’s NOT in a Domain Name

Esther Dyson, the Great Dame of Silicon Valley, at times matriarch to Bill Gates and many other lads on the innovation circuit, wrote a harsh column Aug. 26 about ICANN's gTLD system, titled "What's in a Domain Name?" ...


The gTLD Metamorphosis

The cocooned gTLD has started to spread its wings, and soon it will show its colors and become a butterfly. Its well-guarded fuzzy and slow progress has finally propelled it to a much-anticipated metamorphosis, but the world still waits for some flying maneuvers. Mother ICANN has worked very hard to coax it along to this stage. ...


Who Will Give Birth to the gTLD’s First Billion-Dollar Domain Baby?

On June 20, 2011, the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers made an announcement to a packed meeting in Singapore that created a global shockwave. ...


Good Riddance to Cybersquatters

The current anti-cybersquatting model of preregistering 25,000 domain name combinations to surround a master brand name identity and avoid possible cybersquatting will slowly fade away ...


A Powerful New Weapon for Waging Global-Image Cyberwar

Why would someone invest US$187,000 for single name application with ICANN plus another few hundred-thousand dollars on related costs to acquire a new gTLD domain root system? Simple, the real motivation will be to declare global-image cyberwarfare and to create global market domination under a name identity ...


Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad gTLD?

When a good name identity is super-glazed with a good trademark protection plan, there is no reason why it would be hurt by ICANN's gTLD. Executives at companies with great names like "Google," "Sony," "Panasonic," "Rolex," "Microsoft" or "CNN" are not losing sleep over gTLD, but those at some other mega corporations of the world, with names like "United," "National," "Star," "Total," "Union," "Monster," "Metro" or "General" are scrambling to find refuge and declaring gTLD a new major threat.


The Power Play of Name Evaluation

There was a time when businesses names were simply picked out of a hat, literally, and often very successfully. Later, the complexity of the marketplace boosted the name lists to such huge quantities that they had to use larger drums. This is how most business names came about, and on that note, there are hundreds of articles relating to their grand successes and mega failures.


Corporate Faces: The 5 Masks

Every corporation has a face. Imagery, shine and style are interlayered into a skin that appears as a mask; uplift captured by a distinct name identity poises it to reach the upper stratosphere of stardom. ...


The Voice of the Wired and Unemployed Citizenry

In the U.S., when your neighbor is out of work, it is a slowdown; when your family member is added, it becomes a recession; and when you too join the same line, then it surely becomes a depression. ...


Hypervisibility 2011: Rising to the Global E-Commerce Branding Challenge

Out there on the branding battlefields, it's simply do or die, as a brand image is eitherhypervisible or mortally lost in oblivion. Commanding success for any idea on the global scene demands universal e-commerce access that is only deliverable by a cybername identity, as it's the only key to open the site. ...


The 2010 World Order: Lateralized, Trillionized, Infotoxicated …

1. Miniaturization ...


The Big Bang of Business Naming

Suddenly, some explosively positive and futuristically pragmatic policies about the Internet and global e-commerce are creating amazing galaxies of business naming. With already 1.7 billion online users and 1 billion more on their way, the new business-naming capabilities allowing advance and intricate platforms of global cyberbranding provide mega opportunities.


Will ICANN Drop Its Most Revolutionary Idea?

ICANN, the Internet naming authority, is up against the wall. It may simply drop its greatest revolutionary idea of offering a brand new type of designer domain name to accommodate the cyberrealities of the widely expanded Internet of tomorrow. ...

Why Corporate Images Are on Fire

Overnight, things suddenly changed. The overexposure of a slew of corporate credibility and governance crises is thumping the global populace into sheer panic -- like Richter scales gone wild -- while shattering thousands of mega corporate name brands worldwide. ...


The Worldwide Corporate Metamorphosis

The historians will have to be very kind to this global financial meltdown and should reward it for a most needed rude awakening call, which is forcing a dramatic change of traditional business models. Right now, all over the world, this crisis is teaching CEOs new things -- first, that it's time to face the music and change the tune, and secondly, an appreciation for finer details and anger management...


Meltdown Creates New Global Champions

We have now arrived right in the middle of that second half of the hyper-accelerated phase, where Western brands start to fall like dominoes. In the U.S. alone, hundreds of its world-class brands are being erased. From monster banking to mega manufacturing, some 73,000 stores alone will be closed in the first half of 2009, according to the International Council of Shopping Centers. Overall a trillion dollars worth of branding imagery that took decades of image building is getting scrubbed out worldwide. The damage is so huge it can possibly be seen from space, as streets are less bright and the cities are dimmer.

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