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Should You Outsource or Keep IT In-House?

Maintaining the network. Ensuring remote users have access to resources. Updating virus definitions. Troubleshooting email problems. Any number of IT issues can arise on a daily basis. ...


Protecting Stored Data: The SAN Dilemma

Startups, such as Milpitas, California-based NeoScale, also are addressing this vast market. The company develops appliances for SANs, including tape and virtual-tape storage. "We're not running around and saying the sky is falling and SANs are insecure, but risk is inherent in any system," NeoScale vice president of marketing Scott Gordon told the E-Commerce Times. "If you have a small SAN and closed doors, there's not much risk there. [But] we don't see many SANs that way."


Safeguarding Your Corporate Data

Scott Gordon, head of marketing at startup Neoscale Systems, told the E-Commerce Times that primary and secondary storage applications should be kept distinct because "you don't want to introduce a new piece of equipment into the primary storage of your production network just to protect secondary, archival storage." He noted, of course, that Neoscale sells security appliances for both types of storage.

Technology Spotlight: AXENT Technologies

In the following exclusive interview with the E-Commerce Times, Scott Gordon, director of intrusion detection for security solutions provider AXENT Technologies (Nasdaq: AXNT), discusses e-commerce security issues and offers a blueprint for what companies can do to protect themselves as they transfer their business operations online.

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