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Poll Highlights Container Security Concerns

That is, it directly addresses security and certification concerns to provide robust container management capabilities, regardless of the container deployment platform, according to Red Hat Senior Vice President for Infrastructure Business Tim Yeaton That strategy includes cre...


Would You Like Your Open Source All the Way?

Can companies venture beyond a divided list of tasks handled by both closed and open source deployments to commit 100 percent to open source? Tim Yeaton, the senior vice president of the infrastructure group at Red Hat, suggests that the movement to convert from proprietary software is already well established in business. Enterprise is involved in a massive change of perspective in applying more than just coding to corporate computing solutions...

FOSS’ Fight Against China’s Free-as-in-Pirated Syndrome

"In our discussions with the players in China, I definitely get the sense that there is a high degree of consciousness around moving in this direction, managing open source and leveraging open source, Tim Yeaton, CEO of Black Duck Software, told LinuxInsider. What's At Stake ...


Open Source, Abundance and Open Innovation

Open source and innovation are locked in a dynamic and symbiotic relationship. ...


Open Source: Fuel for the Smartphone Explosion

It may not seem obvious at first, but the tragic earthquake in Haiti, the historic election that put a Massachusetts Republican in the U.S. Senate and the 2010 Super Bowl all have something in common: the smartphone. During each event, billions of consumers around the globe were glued to their phones, either donating to charities and updating their Twitter accounts about the crisis in Haiti, posting on blogs about how change seems to be in the air in U.S. politics, or conveying their happiness (or unhappiness) about the big game.

Europe Lets Oracle Add Sun to Its Empire

The EU's approval of the merger is good news for everyone, Tim Yeaton, president and CEO of Black Duck Software, told the E-Commerce Times. "It supports the market dynamics that we think lead to innovation, particularly in the open source marketplace." Taking On Big Blue...

Red Hat to Acquire Middleware Software Firm

Once the transaction is complete in approximately 60 days, MetaMatrix will be folded into Red Hat's JBoss division, said Tim Yeaton, senior vice president of enterprise solutions at Red Hat Waltham, Mass.-based MetaMatrix provides data-management software for SOA (service-orie...

Intel Partners With Red Hat to Push Linux

"We're responding to what customers have told us they really need to support their advanced deployments of Linux and open source," said Tim Yeaton, executive vice president of Enterprise Solutions at Red Hat. "The programs Intel and Red Hat have selected are aimed at equipping customers with in-depth domain knowledge and providing hard core data to make complex architectural decisions."

Big Blue, Red Hat Take Linux Global

"Red Hat has established leadership in emerging markets such as China, India, Russia, Korea and Japan and we are excited for this opportunity to work with IBM to take the next steps to enable the global ecosystem of developers and ISVs," said Tim Yeaton, Senior Vice President of Marketing at Red Hat. "Red Hat Enterprise Linux on the IBM POWER platform is becoming a standard, low-cost solution for global ISVs and their customers."

Red Hat Ships Linux For Compaq

"This release of Red Hat on Alpha is the result of the continuing close collaboration between the two companies," stated Tim Yeaton, vice president of Compaq's UNIX Systems Business Unit. With the help of its business customers, Compaq has been assisting in the customization of the Red Hat package through the support process since late last year.

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