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July 24, 2014
A patent awarded on Tuesday to Apple may be a tip-off of what the company is planning for the smartwatch it's widely expected to introduce this fall. The patent for something Apple referenced in its application as "iTime" is for an electronic wristband that contains a recessed area for an electronic device, such as a watch body. After Apple introduced its diminutive media player -- the nano -- similar wristbands appeared in the market for that device. However, the iTime band would be bristling with more power. [More...]

July 23, 2014
Fire With Amazon Maps
"I think the first batch of reviews are quite fair," said IHS analyst Wayne Lam. "The consensus is that this is a good first attempt, but in many ways it is very different from what we are used to, even from an Android perspective. It's a novel approach, and most of the general public would be reading this and thinking, 'well, maybe I'll just hold off for the second version.'" [More...]

July 23, 2014
If you do not mind having a free non-open source Microsoft product on your Linux computer, the latest Skype for Linux release catches up to the Windows and Mac versions, providing most of the features they've had for some time. Microsoft rolled out Skype version in mid June. The catch-up release has an updated user interface, some additional features, and lots of bug fixes. [More...]

July 23, 2014
A failure to communicate between security pros and company brass may be contributing to the inability of a significant number of organizations to reduce the risk of cyberattacks on their systems. Thirty-one percent of the nearly 5,000 respondents surveyed for a recent study said their cybersecurity team never met with the executive team about cybersecurity. [More...]

July 22, 2014
The Tor Project is working to remedy a vulnerability in its anonymity software following the sudden cancellation of a talk at next month's Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas that would have revealed it. The planned talk would have demonstrated a way to unmask users of Tor, the privacy-minded Web browsing software. CMU researcher Alexander Volynkin was to deliver the briefing. [More...]

July 22, 2014
NVIDIA Tablet SHIELD Controller
"One major weakness of the Shield ecosystem is the lack of desirable games exclusives," said IHS games head Piers Harding-Rolls. "Android games playable on the TV or ports of old PC games are not enough to sell this device to the dedicated gamer. ... If Nvidia can extend its cloud gaming proposition beyond a select beta test in California, then this would widen the desirability significantly." [More...]

July 22, 2014
The long-held belief that Android is the least secure of mobile OSes was shattered by security researcher and expert iOS hacker Jonathan Zdziarski over the weekend. Zdziarski unveiled a host of iOS vulnerabilities, the scope of which was staggering. They include undocumented services that bypass backup encryption and can be accessed both via USB and wirelessly. [More...]

July 22, 2014
"If you were in areas where cellular coverage was very poor or nonexistent, or were concerned about the network going down at a critical time, this could give you peace of mind if you and your family all had the device," said Rob Enderle, principal analyst at the Enderle Group. Still, "getting to critical mass with something like this will be problematic, because it requires two devices to work." [More...]

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