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November 26, 2014
What if your favorite hockey player's stick sent tactile feedback to thousands of fans before a powerful goal shot? Tap tap tap, the defense is raging, and BAM -- the goal shot. The Apple Watch is the start of feeling what fans are already seeing. This sort of immersive communication is far from the masses right now, but the Apple Watch will be a catalyst. [More...]

November 25, 2014
A sophisticated malware program called "Regin" has been used in systematic spying campaigns against a range of international targets since at least 2008, Symantec reported. Regin is a backdoor-type Trojan with a structure that displays a degree of technical competence rarely seen in malware. "It's a beautiful piece of architecture," said Scott Borg, CEO of the U.S. Cyber Consequences Unit. [More...]

November 25, 2014
Has software glut got you down? Do you reuse passwords because creating unique ones for all your online accounts would cause a memory overload? If so, you may be interested in a bit of jewelry called the "Everykey," by a startup with the same name. Everykey is a wristband that removes the need to remember the countless log-in credentials we use every day. [More...]

November 25, 2014
The authors position their content around case studies and actual workplace situations in companies including Google, Etsy, Twitter, Facebook, Netflix, Amazon and others. The authors' familiarity with these industry giants lets them lay out the situations they describe with an authoritative voice. Their practical experiences are readily applicable to small and mid-sized enterprise operations. [More...]

November 24, 2014
There's a price to pay for the security afforded by encryption, and in the case of devices running Android Lollipop, the price apparently is a significant decline in performance. A general rule to keep in mind is, "the greater the security, the greater the overhead," said tech analyst Jim McGregor. However, "the performance of the silicon executing these solutions continues to increase as well." [More...]

November 24, 2014
Well Thanksgiving week is upon us here in the land of stars and stripes, and in anticipation of all the social events soon to besiege us, more than a few Linux bloggers have been practicing keeping their favorite barstools warm down at the blogosphere's Punchy Penguin Saloon. How chilly would those stools get if we were all flitting here and there from this party to that? It would be truly unkind. [More...]

November 24, 2014
The Electronic Frontier Foundation has announced a nonprofit organization that will aim to secure the entire Web. Let's Encrypt, starting in summer 2015, will offer free server certificates to help websites transition from HTTP to the more secure HTTPS protocol. EFF is partnering with Akamai, Mozilla, Cisco, iDenTrust and University of Michigan researchers. [More...]

November 24, 2014
I attended Demo in Silicon Valley last week and, as always, it showcased things likely to mature in the market 12 to 14 months into the future. The presenters are small companies, hand-selected because they offer something unique and forward-looking. This year there was a showcase of products that could redefine home automation, drones, emergency rooms, and even how you buy clothing. [More...]

November 22, 2014
If you're going to rip off someone, I suppose it might as well be the biggest player in the game, but that's a trick one might expect to see from a low-end knockoff manufacturer in the Far East, not a globally known entity like Nokia. Its N1 tablet seems fine, but not remarkable, given the competition. The $249 price tag isn't overly enticing when the original iPad mini costs just $20 more. [More...]

November 21, 2014
Apple is a company that bucks trends, that does things its own way, that manages its business through highly tuned cycles. One thing Apple barely does at all, though, is offer any sort of special deal or sale price. Not even on Black Friday. Or Cyber Monday. Or just because. Heck, when Apple celebrated 25 billion App Store downloads, it gave one person a $10,000 iTunes Gift Card. [More...]

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