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October 24, 2014
Google on Wednesday introduced Inbox, a free mobile app that aims to separate the email wheat from the chaff. It's currently available to Android and iPhone users on an invitation-only basis. The software is aimed at managing email on small screens, although once set up and running on a phone, it can be accessed through Google's Chrome browser on a desktop. Inbox has a number of features for better managing and pulling out what you need from email messages. "There are some really cool ideas in it," said Baydin CEO Alex Moore. [More...]

October 23, 2014
They may never actually go to Mars, but the HI-SEAS crew will come closer than anyone who actually does to learning what it would be like. The three men and three women will spend eight months together in a small dome on the slopes of a Hawaiian volcano, with only limited excursions outside in simulated spacesuits. Researchers will study their psychology and social dynamics, among other things. [More...]

October 23, 2014
Calculate Linux 14 is a distro designed with home and SMB users in mind. It is optimized for rapid deployment in corporate environments as well. Calculate gives users something no other Linux distro offers. The Xfce desktop session is customized to imitate the look of the KDE desktop environment. This design approach goes a long way toward making Calculate Linux a one-distro-fits-all solution. [More...]

October 23, 2014
iPad Air 2
What's sad right now is that Apple doesn't even have to spark our imaginations with something wildly new. No, Apple easily could rejuvenate iPad sales -- not by taking it to new markets, and not by getting in bed with IBM to build touch-friendly enterprise apps, but simply by paying attention to what customers think they want. Sounds anti-Apple, actually. [More...]

October 22, 2014
In the beginning, there was the smart thermostat. Then came the smart smoke detector. Now we have the smart nightlight. What's smart about the Leeo Smart Alert Nightlight is that in addition to glowing in a multitude of pretty colors, it can listen up for your smoke or carbon monoxide alarms and make sure you or somebody else knows about it when they go off. [More...]

October 22, 2014
Digital textbooks with open-licensed content -- and sometimes even complete open source textbooks -- are starting to change the way students and teachers interact with subject material. The budget-busting prices of traditional printed textbooks and the ubiquity of mobile devices have provided textbook authors and educators with convincing reasons to give students an alternative. [More...]

October 22, 2014
Television manufacturers are moving toward ultra high definition -- also known as "4K" -- which offers four times the resolution of HD. It also offers greater depth of color and faster frame rate. That means more information must travel through the cable from the video source to the TV. The current de facto cable, HDMI, or high-definition multimedia interface, solves some of the old problems. [More...]

October 21, 2014
There's something about Magic Leap. It hasn't publicly disclosed much about what that something is, but Google and other investors were excited enough to throw half a billion dollars in its direction. It has something to do with seeing tiny elephants leaping joyously in your hands, or a life-size whale sailing over a crowded beach, or a miniature ballerina dancing on your bed. Something like that. [More...]

October 21, 2014
The Hendo Hoverboard weighs 100-lbs. and can levitate a whole inch above the ground -- or, more accurately, above ground covered with a special copper surface. It appears tricky to stay on the thing and doesn't look like that exhilarating a ride. Still, in the first few hours following the Hendo's Kickstarter launch, hundreds of backers had pledged more than $100k toward its $250k goal. [More...]

October 21, 2014
China apparently has no intention of allowing its citizens to take advantage of the higher levels of security U.S. tech companies aim to provide to their users. Officials apparently have launched MITM attacks that redirect Apple and Microsoft cloud login traffic to dummy pages, in order to collect their usernames and passwords. The attacks coincide with the iPhone 6 launch in China. [More...]

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