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Powering Up Smart Grid Technology

The U.S. still has relatively low-cost electricity compared to other countries, but consistent rate increases and an aging, inefficient electrical distribution system are prompting demands to update the country's utility grids. IBM's chief executive Samuel J. Palmisano recently estimated that 67 per...


High-End Home Entertainment Heading Downstream

What is a high-end entertainment system? That question can be answered in a variety of ways. For some people, "high-end" means systems bought at a specialty retailer, e.g., Bang & Olufsen, Tweeter or Ultimate Electronics. For others, price determines a high-end entertainment system -- $5,000, $1...


A Green Carpet for Home Controls

It is no secret that few homes in the U.S. or, for that matter, anywhere in the world have electronic control systems. At Parks Associates, we have postulated a number of different paths on which controls can ride into the home -- basic lighting, entertainment, security and energy control systems. S...


Remote Home Monitoring: Passing Fad or Wave of the Future?

A number of firms have recently launched remote home monitoring services. Are they able to do so because of widespread broadband adoption or consumer demand? The answer is both, but to examine this issue in more depth, we should explore both sides and see what conclusions can be drawn. First, always...

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