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IBM Taps Power of DAM With Guardium Buy

In November 2009, IBM announced its acquisition of Guardium, a privately held company based in Waltham, Mass., and the planned integration of Guardium's Database Activity Monitoring technology into IBM's Information Management and Business Analytics and Optimization initiatives. Financial terms were...


Trashing IT Hardware the Responsible Way

Disposing of obsolete and broken electronic devices, or e-waste, is not as simple as taking out the trash. Heavy metals and other poisonous contaminants can leak into the environment if electronic equipment is not properly processed. Without foresight, discarded data is also at risk of unintended ex...


The Efficient Enterprise Bouncer

Managing access to protected resources for users in the extended enterprise can be a daunting task. New applications and services are continuously being developed and deployed; new users join the extended enterprise, change roles within it, and eventually move on. To the extent that policies regardi...


The Comedy – and Tragedy – of the Commons

Sensitive data in unstructured formats poses a distinct problem to security- and compliance-minded organizations, a problem exacerbated by the ubiquity of Web-based portals and collaborative tools such as Microsoft SharePoint. Based on the responses of more than 160 companies in the June 2009 benchm...


Keeping the Web Barbarians at Bay

Aberdeen research shows that firewalls, VPNs, antivirus, antispam, intrusion prevention, and Web content filtering solutions are deeply penetrated in organizations of all sizes. Management of this portfolio of independent solutions can be time-consuming, costly and inefficient. An upcoming Aberdeen ...


Passwords Aren’t Enough: 3 Ways to Bolster User Authentication

Many organizations are decreasing their reliance on user names and passwords for user authentication. They are also learning more about the benefits of deploying strong user authentication to increase the level of assurance for online identities as part of an overall approach to securing access to i...

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