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Facebook’s IPO: What’s Its Game?

As Facebook prepares for an IPO of its stock that may value the company at US$100 billion, it's important to know what sport it's in and if, like the Chicago Bulls with Jordan, dynasties can last. Michael Jordan was probably the best basketball player to play the game of hoop. He averaged 30 points ...


Jerry Yang and Yahoo’s Humble Beginnings

Jerry Yang is no longer "Chief Yahoo." He left Yahoo after 17 years. That's the news most people read or hear. Most people don't know Jerry or his approach. Let me share a personal story. In 1995, I first met Jerry at Yahoo. this was before the company was public and before anyone really cared much...


Retail Autopsy: What Killed Borders, Circuit City and Hollywood Video

The Borders near me closed the other month. Wasn't surprising. Ditto for Circuit City. Gone. A few years prior to that it was Hollywood Video that rolled its end credits. The problem is, none of them had to go. They each died of self-inflicted wounds. Sure, a lot of their CEOs came out and blamed Ir...


Groupon, LivingSocial and the Holy Grail of Commerce

The market for local commerce has been the holy grail for Internet companies since the dawn of the modem. However, that market has been more like "Monty Python And The Holy Grail." Until now. The missing link for local commerce hasn't been the Web, it's been four things: web usage as everyday "utili...


Elephant Rampage Ahead: SoLoMo Loose and Gaining Ground

Forecasters are trying desperately to get a handle on the pending collision between social, local and mobile media, or SoLoMo. The part that most of them forget is the reality check. It's even better and much bigger than they thought. The challenge for most forecasters is they look at one aspect of ...

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