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Amazon Reaps What It Sowed

Amazon has been expanding its ecosystem, which depends on the company's retail business. But its retail business is still operating at a loss, noted Randy Chou, CEO and founder of Panzura, an AWS partner "It's doing well in large part because its cloud business, Amazon Web Ser...

2 Buyers Shell Out $5K for Java Exploit

However, it may be difficult to determine which users can turn off Java in their browsers entirely without impacting legacy business applications that use Java applets, Andy Chou, chief technology officer at Coverity, warned Further, disabling a browser Java plugin doesn't af...


Ensuring Software Quality Across a Global Supply Chain

With the increasing complexity of software products, companies commonly rely on a myriad of software suppliers, from internal teams that share and re-use code to third-party commercial software suppliers and outsourcing development partners. Companies are increasingly being held accountable by their customers for the quality and security of the complete product.

The Gaping Hole Where Auto Software Standards Should Be

"Much of it comes through the supply chain. It is hard to ensure the quality of all of that software. That is a big challenge that is going to have to be addressed with the changes in rules and regulations," Andy Chou, chief scientist and co-founder of Coverity, told TechNewsWorld...

How will consumers react to Apple's WWDC 2023 announcements?
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