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Australia’s Illogical Withdrawal From Make-Believe Drugs

Since the dawn of video games, drug use has had its place. Recently, however, more games are including drug paraphernalia and references. "Elder Scrolls: Oblivion" has its stuttering, jittery skooma addicts. "Haze" has its soldiers pumped up with nectar to enhance their combat abilities. ...


Clunky Control Takes Down ‘Bourne Conspiracy’

Last week, a US$30 million weapon made a transition from movie trilogy hero to video game star. Sierra Entertainment has now given gamers a "license to kill" with its newest release, "Robert Ludlum's The Bourne Conspiracy." ...


Video Game Spinoffs: A New Music Revolution?

"Rock Band." "Guitar Hero." "SingStar." These music-oriented video games have become fixtures in popular culture, appearing in movies and on television, and sparking a new musical movement. ...


For a Ninja, Itagaki Makes a Pretty Noisy Exit

Tomonobu Itagaki, renowned producer of the "Ninja Gaiden" series and head of Tecmo's Team Ninja, has resigned effective July 1, 2008 -- obviously timing his announcement to coincide with the release of "Ninja Gaiden 2," Team Ninja's latest contribution to the action/adventure genre of the video game industry. ...


Exergaming: A Worthy Exercise Alternative?

Nintendo's release of the Wii Fit in May brought the up-and-coming gaming genre of exercise gaming, or exergaming, into the spotlight. ...


Immersive Underworld Makes ‘GTA IV’ a Great, Gritty Ride

With the long-anticipated arrival of the next installment in the "Grand Theft Auto" (GTA) series, Liberty City does little to disappoint. Car chases, assassinations and shady drug dealers still litter the landscape of Liberty City, yet this game adds an in-depth view from the perspective of the main character. The player's own choices and actions are more evident in "Grand Theft Auto IV" than in previous titles. This break from traditional "GTA" games not only allows the main character to evolve more freely but also allows the interactions and cut scenes to change throughout the game...

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