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RSA Conference Rebounds as Business Risks Soar

Like a persistent piece of malware that your antivirus product just can't seem to eradicate, the annual RSA cybersecurity conference was back with a vengeance this year. But while the malware example is inherently malicious, the industry event seemed to be bustling with goodwill and a positive message for the cybersecurity industry, starting with its theme for the year: "Stronger together."

Warner Wins Retail Support for Hybrid High Def Disc

The Warner disc, as well as LG Electronics' dual-format high-definition DVD player, also announced at CES this week, are positive developments, said Steve Kovsky, principal analyst for digital TVs at Current Analysis. Until the format issue is resolved, the HD marketplace will remain slow, he predicted...

Samsung Fixing Blu-ray Player Image Problems

"I am sure you wouldn't tolerate much if you paid $1,000 for this new Samsung player and it's supposed to be the best thing out there. Any less than an incredible picture is going to send that player back to the retailer right quick," Steve Kovsky, an analyst at Current Analysis, told TechNewsWorld...

Sony Makes Moves in High Definition DVD Battle

"These announcements are small feathers in Sony's cap. We have a lot of feathers to go to get the full effect," Steve Kovsky, an analyst at Current Analysis, told TechNewsWorld The Battle Continues...

Sharp, Fujitsu Announce Investments in Manufacturing Facilities

Current Analysis senior analyst Steve Kovsky told the E-Commerce Times that it's still not clear whether the market will favor plasma or LCD in the long run, making it somewhat risky for manufacturers to invest heavily on one technology or the other "For consumers, the outlook...

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