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QuestKeys: A Workaround for the Long URL Tangle

Daniel Allen sees a problem faced by Web surfers: How to share long URLs (universal resource locators) with others and quickly locate favorite Web pages or documents without wading through lists of browser bookmarks?

Allen and his wife, Mary Jane, are both self-taught programmers, among other professions. Their answer to the above problem is QuestKeys, a new approach to finding and storing links to Web sites and other digital information using their HyperTransfer Engine and

A QuestKey is a word, number, symbol or phrase that links directly to a Web page when entered into the QuestKeys’ HyperTransfer Engine. Each QuestKey is a hypertext link.

Users download the QuestKeys toolbar to their browser and enter the designated QuestKey. The HyperTransfer Engine then goes to the associated hypertext link where the Web page or other data is stored on their own Web site. Those users without their own Web pages can create them through and link directly to those pages. QuestKeys offers its users free access to create as many QuestKeys as they need to organize their Internet experience.

QuestKeys users can do more than just bookmark a Web site. They can direct family, friends and others to password-protected links. The QuestKey owner can also allow public access to enhance business marketing by linking to advertised products and services.

“It takes only 35 seconds to set up QuestKeys in the browser. We make it easier to organize Internet content,” Daniel Allen, QuestKeys’ CEO, told TechNewsWorld.

What It Does

In one place, QuestKeys lets users perform many of the tasks that usually require multiple Web sites and services. The basic hyperlink transfer concept provides users with a feature already available in similar offerings such as The tinyurl browser toolbar provides a shortcut method to eliminate typing overly long URLs that often break when pasted into e-mails as hyperlinks.

However, the HyperTransfer Engine the Allens created goes beyond simple bookmark shortcuts. For instance, it allows users to create Web pages that showcase home videos, literature, music, resumes, job listings, coupons, news, images, sales listings, trailers, music videos, business contacts and even script novels.


  • Remember Networds from 1998? See

    I want one of these URL short-cut systems to work, I really do, and I’m a huge fan of this type of creative solution. There have been numerous attempts at similar services. The challenges are many, from adoption of the method by a user base, to avoiding the inevitable with trademarks/tradenames and the soon to arrive QuestKey spammers. One has to ask, if the shortcut URL model makes sense, isn’t it likely to be rolled out by someone with a critical mass of users already, like Google? The standalone shortcut URL model, IMO, would be best suited to really vertical markets, and/or BtoB implimentations.


    • You missed the point. Questkeys is not an URL or short URL maker, it is an Universal Bookmarking system. To even state that is living in the past. Questkeys is now known as the Internet Operator. The technology used to create the Universal Bookmarking System has expanded to actually improving how we collect information, research it, and distribute it online. I really wish you would visit the site before commenting about a technology you have not used. This article does not give the technology justice.

      Copy the URL below into your browser to get a sample of what we mean when we say Research.

      Also goto and click on "instructions" to learn how to use the technology (Internet Operator). If you believe you missed the point, as I do, write another article.

      P.S. we’ve also made it so you can track UPS and Fedex packages easier. No more remembering long tracking numbers, now you can name your packages.

      Daniel L. Allen,

      Creator of Questkeys and the HyperTransfer Engine

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