This Digital CX Tool Drives Repeat Customers, No Website Required

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Marketing trends have reached the point where SMBs need digital tools just as much as their enterprise-sized competitors to establish a dependable customer experience (CX).

Cultivating repeat customers is a critical necessity in the continuing customer shift to mobile-first interactions for a potential product or service purchase.

Digital CX tools help level the playing field by providing SMBs the same advantages put to use by their larger counterparts to solidify the customer experience and create repeat business.

Research shows that 65 percent of a company’s business comes from repeat customers. Without loyal customers, small businesses and startups are unlikely to survive with the record-high competition today, according to Leena Iyar, chief brand officer of Moxtra.

When trying to establish a new company, small businesses need to make customer experiences their top priority. People are more likely to return to a business based on how they are treated, and if they feel valued by companies, she mused.

“Most customers’ vision of their favorite brand revolves around the digital presence they have been able to build. In an age where most businesses have gone digital, establishing strong customer relationships and engagement strategies is essential to company growth,” she told CRM Buyer.

This is especially true for start-up businesses. CX plays a pivotal role in getting a startup off the ground. One of the most effective ways SMBs can cash in on this business mantra is by employing a digital solution.

Mobile-First Mentality

SMBs and traditional brick-and-mortar shops face an ongoing battle with commerce issues and servicing customers. Often, a full-functioning business website with the ability to conduct out-of-store transactions is a financial burden that is out of reach for struggling businesses.

A basic landing page can do little more than be a door opener for potential customers. Without a commerce and CRM platform to meet consumers’ expectations of mobile transactions, however, the sparse digital footprint is often a deal buster.

Moxtra’s digital solution provides businesses with an alternative. Its mobile platform can provide a complete commerce setup that satisfies consumer needs for service. Moxtra’s approach provides the working parts consumers need to interface with a store or service company, with or without a website.

Its solution is a client management platform that powers private digital portals for companies. Customers download an app for either Android or iOS mobile devices or access a customer portal from a computer.

Moxtra private-label mobile app

Moxtra’s private-label mobile apps can provide CX-centered engagement to businesses without expensive e-commerce websites.

What It Does

Moxtra’s Client Collaboration Platform is cloud-based and can be deployed on a private cloud or on-premises, depending on the security and APR requirements. So it’s all in the cloud, but people can determine how they’d like to deploy it.

Moxtra’s platform is developed in partnership with several of the world’s leading financial institutions. These organizations use the platform to power their digital business with rigorous compliance, privacy, security, and auditability.

“The platform enables clients to reduce the friction of managing all the different customer channels and the chaos of email and provides a client portal experience,” Iyar explained.

The product’s front end is the client dashboard, which is on mobile and the web. It allows clients to engage with the business. The backend is client management technology, with account management and staff management audit ability persistence built in.

“That way, an organization can really manage their client relationships and track public performing to their service goals,” Iyar said.

Boosts Start-Up Prowess

Moxtra’s technology differs from other products in terms of strategies that companies can use to increase customer experience. For Moxtra, the key difference is that businesses can have their own app without a company website or online e-commerce platform. Moxtra deploys the apps for companies.

The apps are private labels or branded for a particular business. They function independently of any website the company has. Start-up companies and SMBs can engage clients and interact with customer service tasks and business transactions, according to Iyar.

“People are able to power up their business and engage their clients and then manage their clients on the back end as well. This plays into the concept of increasing customer experience. Startups especially need to focus on digital strategies to not only attract new customers but retain them,” she added.

Start-ups have to work hard to be mindful of their resources along with the size of staff. Iyar noted that one of the critical things needed to accomplish that goal is focusing on your client touchpoints.

Businesses need to manage the key points of the client journey. They also have to make sure that it is as easy as possible for your clients to be able to do business with you, she said.

Moxtra web-mobile portal

Businesses can drive repeat traffic to their digital front door through a web portal, or integrate a mobile app with or without an e-commerce website; plus have the management tools associated with CRM platforms.

Not Only for Retail

Moxtra’s app platform concept can be an ideal digital solution for consultants, lawyers, realtors, and other service providers going into business as independent contractors. This digital platform can either supplement an existing business website or replace the need for one.

“Typically, what we find is a lot of companies that are just starting their business come to us for a digital and mobile strategy to compete. Especially as a new business with no established customers, I think it is really critical to put your best foot forward with the digital strategy,” Iyar offered.

Within a few weeks, a new business can get a digital solution up and running on the app stores and on the web. More technology-driven companies can supplement their existing digital footprint with Moxtra’s embedded app.

“It is essentially an SDK (software development kit) that companies can embed into their existing app to extend its capabilities,” she suggested.

Either way, businesses and individual contractors do not have to create a website to use Moxtra’s interactive app. Websites primarily serve as presentation information. Moxtra’s mobile app and web portal are much more about customer interaction, Iyar noted.

Effective Website Alternative

A lot of people like to extend their website with the Moxtra app, Iyar observed. A business website might only have a landing page to say, “Hey, we’re a business. Click here to log in.”

As soon as a potential customer hits the log-in button, everything is powered by Moxtra. The business owner does not have to build any of that.

“I think that it just depends on the nature of what you are trying to do. But theoretically, no you do not have to have a website,” Iyar reiterated. “But if you have a website, a lot of people love it because they can extend what their website does and make it much more interactive and useful for their customers.”

Cost Factors

What is the buy-in cost for getting started with the Moxtra mobile app? Two options are available.

You can start off with a trial version that is also suitable for small organizations. The Starter App is Moxtra branded for US$1,200/year. It includes up to 20 users.

Features include a complete collaboration suite with messaging, document exchange, video meetings, task management, e-signatures, and more. This plan also supports basic customer interaction workflows.

The Business App plan provides a private label (iOS, Android, web) branding for $4,800/year plus a $1,500 one-time setup fee. It includes up to 100 users.

The Business plan features include everything in the Starter edition, plus:

  • Scalable user-based capacity
  • Reporting and Audit Trails
  • Integrations (CRM Connectors, Transactions, Zapier, and more)
  • Customizable customer interaction workflows

Also part of this plan are options for private cloud or on-premises configurations.

Portal Potential

Even without a dedicated company website with an e-commerce backend, businesses and independent workers can benefit from using Moxtra’s management portal.

Moxtra business web portal login screen

Moxtra’s business web portal lets owners oversee and monitor business flow and CX status directly through the platform’s backend.

Business owners or designated staff can log in, regardless of whether they have a website. Moxtra provides a unique URL customized for the business.

They can use the portal to manage everything that is happening in their customer app. The portal lets business users know which customers are engaging and what they are talking about by searching with different keywords.

Businesses can monitor whether a product or service is selling well, and management can check on how effective staff members have been with customer interactions. They can also check on account status and if customer transactions are delayed.

“They kind of have insight and oversight into everything happening in their customer app,” said Iyar.

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