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Who Cares if FOSS Is Profitable?

Moody begins his column by pointing out that Richard Stallman himself has said he's not opposed to making money off FOSS "As companies like Red Hat have grown in size and profitability, so has the credibility of free software options among larger enterprises," he went on. "Pro...


Is ‘Ethical Malware’ an Oxymoron or a Best Practice?

Then again: "I think it would be both more interesting and more accurate to see Linus and Richard Stallman share a prize," Slashdot blogger Barbara Hudson told LinuxInsider "Without the GPL and the gnu toolchain, Linux would probably be in a very different space right now, esp...


FOSS’ Sunny Place in the Cloud

More than a month may have passed since Richard Stallman issued his now-famous warnings about cloud computing (his verdict in a nutshell: It's "marketing hype"), but apparently the discussion that ensued on the blogs back then wasn't enough No indeed, the topic came back for a...

EC Throws Monkey Wrench Into Oracle, Sun Deal

Two nonprofit European organizations, the Open Rights Group and Knowledge Ecology, joined software developer Richard Stallman in sending a letter to Kroes on the proposed acquisition, citing users' fears that Oracle would focus its attention on its proprietary database to the detriment of MySQL...


Weighing Windows 7’s Wallop

European Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes is still not convinced that Oracle's purchase of Sun will not violate EU anticompetitive regulations. In addition, two NPOs -- Open Rights Group and Knowledge Ecology -- joined with software freedom activist Richard Stallman to voice opposition to the purchase in a letter to Kroes. Their big concern is what Oracle might do with MySQL if it's given control of Sun's properties. Getting MySQL out of the picture completely by selling it off might ease everyone's concerns, but Oracle CEO Larry Ellison has ruled that out.

Oracle’s Acquisition of Ailing Sun Stuck in Mire

Earlier this week, two nonprofit European organizations -- Open Rights Group and Knowledge Ecology -- along with software developer Richard Stallman, also protested the acquisition in a letter to Kroes, citing concerns from MySQL users that Oracle focus its attention on its proprietary database to the exclusion of MySQL.


Is Sexism Rampant in FOSS?

The GNOME Foundation and the FSF, in fact, reportedly held a mini-summit this past Saturday on increasing women's participation in FOSS, Byfield noted -- possibly to help smooth over some of the furor that followed Richard Stallman's controversial keynote at the Gran Canaria Desktop Summit this summer...


Fun and FUD in the Fall Flamebait Follies

The fun began when word got out late last month via LWN that Richard Stallman's planned talk at Argentina's National Technological University had been canceled because of contracts that prohibit the university from criticizing Microsoft or its products The news originally brok...

FOSS Debates, Part 3: Mission Control

To some, FOSS means simply software that is intended to be free, or without financial cost; to others, the open availability of its source code is what matters. Then there are those -- perhaps most notably GNU founder Richard Stallman -- who argue vehemently that Freedom with a capital "F" is what FOSS is all about, with implications that extend beyond the technology and into the political, philosophical and ethical realms...


Browser Wars, the ‘Linux Killer’ and the Free Software Ditty

With so much good news and optimism, it's enough to make a geek want to burst out singing a spirited rendition of Richard Stallman's Free Software Song. Go ahead -- join in anytime! A 'Linux Killer'?...


Who’s the Greatest Geek of All Time?

Who was top of the list? We'll give you a hint: He's the father of our favorite operating system. Other notables on there? Richard Stallman in 9th position, and Paul Allen at 10 'Long-Term Brilliance'...


What Free Software Does the World Need Now?

"Some of the demand indeed matches products listed on the priority list (for example, the Skype replacement and the video editing software), but I'd rather see more coordination and effort on establishing an effective market for selling these products," he explained. "I know Richard Stallman dictates that all software be free, but in my opinion, the lines blur and some software starts looking like real product -- product that I'm willing to pay for, and I suspect others are too."


Cloud Computing: Perilous Pitfall or Panacea?

So we took pause when we came across a recent interview with none other than GNU founder Richard Stallman in which he fairly smashes the concept to smithereens. "It's stupidity. It's worse than stupidity: it's a marketing hype campaign," Stallman told The Guardian Web-based so...


Free Software Shouldn’t Mean You Can’t Make a Buck

Richard Stallman, the founder of the GNU Project, speaks at great lengths about preserving the ideological purity of free software, and in his vision of the future, computer software development is modeled after mathematics and science research, where all research and development is open. So far as Stallman is concerned, proprietary software production is unethical and should be avoided. As he detailed extensively in The GNU Manifesto, traditional closed source capitalism should be rejected in software development and replaced with a post-scarcity economy...


Microsoft and Seinfeld: A Comedy of Errors?

It's not often we here at LinuxInsider get to write about celebrities -- other than the Richard Stallman variety, of course -- and indeed, many of the geeks who grace our pages from time to time seem to shun the limelight rather than seek it out. So it was with great glee this week that we found cause to mention none other than Jerry Seinfeld...


The Fall of Google, the Rebirth of Microsoft and the Changing Face of Apple and Linux

With Microsoft actually doing some positive creative things for once, Apple's decision to raise iPhone prices in the face of declining consumer income, Google's attack on single parents, and Richard Stallman's attack on Bill Gates' philanthropy (which follows an earlier anti-U.S. positions), it appears these entities' images may be changing...


Live From SoCal Linux Expo: More Substance Than Style

No, we've got Linus Torvalds and Richard Stallman -- and they're not here Open Source Gender Barrier?...


What’s a Derivative Work? Depends Who You Ask

I'm not so sure Richard Stallman would approve Click here to e-mail Jason Z. Cohen....


GNU GPL Creator Richard Stallman on the Meaning of ‘Free’

So argues Richard Stallman, founder of theFree Software Movement, author of the GNU General Public License (GNU GPL), and initial developer of the GNU operating system which is the basis of today's GNU/Linux system LinuxInsider recently spoke with the 54-year-old Stallman -- a...

After Months of Wrangling, GPL v3 Unleashed

"Since we founded the free software movement over 23 years ago, the free software community has developed thousands of useful programs that respect the user's freedom," explained Richard Stallman, founder and president of the FSF. "The programs are in the GNU/Linux operating system, as well as personal computers, telephones, Internet servers and more. Most of these programs use the GNU GPL to guarantee every user the freedom to run, study, adapt, improve and redistribute the program."

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