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Hollywood, Politics and File-Sharing Technology

Sooner or later, the entertainment industry will realize that the only effective way to deal with peer-to-peer file-sharing technology is to embrace it. It's not going to go away ...


The Ongoing, Pointless Quest of the RIAA

The Recording Industry Association of America wants to sue another 493 innocent people for sharing music online -- "innocent" because not one of the people pilloried so far by the RIAA has been found guilty of anything, because not one of them has ever appeared before a judge ...


Napster Arrives in Britain, But Success Isn’t Certain

There's an article in Britain's prestigious Times Online today called "Q&A: Napster and the Music Industry," which seems -- at least on the surface -- to explain what Napster 2 will mean to Britons now that its owner, Roxio, has succeeded in snaking it into the United Kingdom ...


Remembering Brianna LaHara, 12-Year-Old ‘Criminal’

Q: What's the difference between Chi-Hi, a high school, and a 12-year-old named Brianna LaHara? A: 500 CDs ...


Big Music’s Climate of Terror and the Media Response

The CRIA, Canada's version of the RIAA, recently suffered an ignominious and embarrassing defeat when it failed to convince a Canadian federal court that online file-sharing is illegal and is "devastating" the multibillion-dollar music industry ...


Hollywood, the RIAA and Commercialism in the Classroom

The entertainment industry -- Hollywood, for short -- has done an amazing job of using mainstream print and electronic media to snow the public at large into believing anyone who shares digital music files online is a hard-core villain, out to steal bread from the mouths of starving artists. ...

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