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3 Ways Any VoIP Project Can Go Straight Down the Tubes

Over the past several years, as enterprises have been deploying voice over IP (VoIP) with more frequency, many have learned that the first step in the VoIP lifecycle process should be a complete assessment of network readiness. ...

Google to Cough Up Garbled WiFi Gleanings

More than likely, whatever will be revealed by the data will not be very useful -- or indicate that Google did this on purpose, Jay Botelho, director of product management at WildPackets, told the E-Commerce Times. "In any given neighborhood, people have WiFi accounts with di...


VoFi Is Coming – Are You Ready?

In case you missed it, seven long years of wrangling have come to an end: 802.11n has now been officially ratified by the IEEE. ...


What’s on the Wire? Choosing the Best Approach to Network Monitoring

There's no debate about the need for centralized network monitoring. The potential benefits are numerous, including improved ...

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