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Repaving the Digital Content Delivery Road

As organizations are reducing their budgets due to the current economic climate, they are looking to maximize their return on investment, and a recent Aberdeen Group study shows that technology solutions that would allow these organizations to experience improvements in end-user experience without adding more bandwidth capacity would resonate with their needs...


Clamping Down on Enterprise Wireless Expenses

As mobile services become increasingly complicated and businesses look to find extra money, there is a technological solution that can offer companies peace-of-mind. The solution is known simply as "wireless expense management" (WEM), which has allowed some companies to save upwards of US$5 million in their yearly wireless expenses by making wireless bills less cumbersome.


Managing Enterprise Mobility Madness

As the handheld mobile device has evolved from pager to cell phone to smartphone to mobile computing asset, enterprise mobility has become increasingly vital to conducting tactical, operational, and strategic business transactions ...


Virtualization: Out With the Old Problems, In With the New

Virtualization projects can help organizations improve key business metrics, but with these benefits also come risks that these projects could cause issues with end-user experience, visibility into application performance, and bandwidth utilization ...


Flying Blind No More: A New Generation of BPM

As a result of having little to no visibility into business processes, many companies have turned to the integration capabilities of Business Process Management (BPM) tools. In the Aberdeen Group benchmark report "BPM and Beyond: The Human Factor of Process Management," Best-in-Class companies are working to build an information culture around BPM usage.

Microsoft BI: ‘Just Do It in Excel’

When Microsoft kicked off its second annual business intelligence (BI) summit in Seattle, it did so with the announcement of enhancing end-user BI capabilities with Gemini, an Excel-based interface that will enable on-the-fly pivot table functionality with point-and-click ease of use. ...


Networks, Apps and Performance: Getting Data to Do Its Job

As more business-critical applications are being deployed, organizations are increasingly looking to gain visibility into network and application performance and, more importantly, improve usability of this information. Visibility into network and application performance has been identified as one of the top concerns for end-user organizations in the coming year, according to the September Aberdeen report, "The Value of Network and Application Visibility."


WAN Optimization: Getting the Most Bang for the Buck

The importance of creating synergies between the deliverance of business-critical data over the wide area network (WAN) to support remote employees is increasingly important to business because more than half of the total workforce works outside the corporate headquarters' structure. ...

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