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Forrester Pegs B2B Fraud, Cyber Insurance Complacency as Top Threats in 2022

Increases in B2B fraud are related to how businesses do business with each other, added Bojan Simic, CEO of Hypr, a passwordless solution company in New York City. "Traditionally," he told TechNewsWorld, "there hasn't been that much emphasis, in terms of cybersecurity, between companies to make sure that the businesses that they're dealing with have proper controls in place."


Getting IT on the C-Suite’s Radar

Aberdeen's research shows a 16 percent increase in the number of organizations that are satisfied with the performance of business-critical applications since March of 2008. ...


Repaving the Digital Content Delivery Road

"These can all be a fairly big bill to foot," said Bojan Simic, Network and Application Performance Management research analyst at Aberdeen Group, "especially with the use of streaming media, on-demand video, and digital file transfers, all of which are bandwidth intensive." D...


Virtualization: Out With the Old Problems, In With the New

"The potential benefits from virtualizing an enterprise infrastructure go beyond cost savings and improved flexibility," said Bojan Simic, research analyst, Network and Application Performance at Aberdeen Group. "Benefits could also include business goals such as responsiveness to customers' needs, employee productivity, and the creation of new business opportunities." ...


Networks, Apps and Performance: Getting Data to Do Its Job

"The top challenge for managing application performance is the inability to prevent performance issues before they impact end-users," said Bojan Simic, a network and application performance management research analyst at Aberdeen Group. "The research also revealed that the top obstacle for achieving full visibility into network and application performance that organizations are currently experiencing is caused by a lack of the ability to identify and eliminate performance bottlenecks before applications are rolled out on the network."


WAN Optimization: Getting the Most Bang for the Buck

The importance of creating synergies between the deliverance of business-critical data over the wide area network (WAN) to support remote employees is increasingly important to business because more than half of the total workforce works outside the corporate headquarters' structure. ...


WAN Optimization: It’s Not All About the Cost

Aberdeen's benchmark report, "Optimizing WAN for Application Acceleration" (see also the latest research, "Managed Network Services: Beyond Cost Savings and Uptime"), found that Best-in-Class organizations are 69 percent more likely to outsource optimization of their WANs (wide area networks) to third parties as compared to Laggards. This research also reveals that these organizations realize that the effectiveness of different WAN optimization initiatives varies based on the types of applications being managed and the internal capabilities that organizations have in place...


The Lifecycle Approach to Shaping Up Flabby Mission-Critical Apps

"The 2008 Aberdeen Report: The State of the Market" reveals that investments in new enterprise applications are the top IT initiative for 2008. Aberdeen's research also shows that, on average, organizations are using six business-critical applications and are planning to roll out four new applications over the next two years. The research also shows that 58 percent of organizations surveyed are unsatisfied with the performance of their current applications. The top pressures driving the adoption of application performance management solutions are:...


Network and App Management: Going Wide vs. Drilling Down

End-user organizations are looking to leverage enterprise applications to achieve competitive advantages and operational efficiencies, and to improve information flow in their value chains. In order to maximize the return on investment from these deployments, organizations are optimizing their networks and ensuring a high level of performance. ...


Network Simulation and Emulation: Try It Before You Deploy It

Best-in-Class organizations are three times more likely to leverage solutions for network simulation and emulation than Laggards, according to data from Aberdeen Group's February benchmark report, "The Roadmap to the Next-Generation Branch Office Networks." ...

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