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The Untold Stories of 2014

Hadoop analytics is one of the most powerful platforms to come to market, and a variety of vendors are providing solutions. However, over the year only one vendor was showcased at event after event, and with major vendor after major vendor, and that was Cloudera. Virtually unknown before Tom Reilly took over as CEO, this firm has become the player tied to everyone, from Intel to Microsoft. ...


Your Log Records Have an Important Message for You

I spend a good deal of my time meeting existing and potential customers, and from that, I believe two things are clear: First, the Internet is now fundamental to the operations of both public and private organizations; second, those organizations are increasingly concerned with threats and risks due to those Internet-based operations. ...

Microsoft Helps Thwart Infamous Spam Ring

In a cooperative effort with Microsoft, Massachusetts Attorney General Tom Reilly filed a lawsuit today against an Internet spam ring operating near Boston. The group is allegedly responsible for sending hundreds of millions of unwanted, deceptive spam messages each month in violation of both federal and state law...

IBM Boosts Middleware Portfolio with Trigo Buy

In a letter to customers and employees, Trigo CEO Tom Reilly said the firm will "continue on the path we have set" but now will do so with the powerful backing of IBM IBM also revealed in a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission that it awarded CEO Sam Palmisa...

US States Cry Foul Over Microsoft Settlement

Massachusetts Attorney General Tom Reilly's office went even further in criticizing the company, reporting it is reviewing allegations that "Microsoft is currently engaged in a campaign against various Internet search engines similar to the campaign it previously waged against Netscape's Navigator browser."

Microsoft Again in Court over Aging Antitrust Case

Massachusetts attorney general Tom Reilly made oral arguments to appeal a year-old ruling that endorsed the settlement deal, which required Microsoft to open some source code so its software will work better with other vendors' products and to license portions of its Windows system code to other application developers...

Microsoft Touts Compliance with Terms of Antitrust Settlement

At least one state attorney general, however, voiced disappointment over Microsoft's compliance progress. In a separate filing obtained by TechNewsWorld that was submitted to the court, Massachusetts Attorney General Tom Reilly said that "it appears that Microsoft's required disclosures [absent additional inducements] have not attracted either the quantity or quality of licensees that one would expect from a successful disclosure regime."

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