HP Adds Security, Lowers Prices at Network’s Edge

HP announced a line of new routers it says will aid security at thenetwork’s edge and sell for half the price of offerings from Ciscoand other networking rivals.

The new ProCurve Networking products are the Secure Router 7000dl series and Access Controller Module software for the ProCurve Switch 5300xl. HP said that the new router will include a firewall to prevent denial-of-serviceattacks and offer access control list (ACL) and virtual local area network (VLAN) support to restrict traffic flow.

Open Standards

The router series, for small and midsize businesses, supports open standards and uses standard compact flash and memory. This gives it another competitive edge over Cisco, HP said in a statement, because Cisco uses proprietarytechnology.

The 7000dl allows branch offices to connect to the main network.The Access Controller eliminates the need for authentication software on auser’s client, HP said, moving the authentication process to the edge of thenetwork. It was designed with medium and large businesses in mind and iscapable of providing secure, mobile access to multiple services over onenetwork.

Earlier this month, HP announced that it had incorporated “virus throttling”technology developed by HP Labs into its 5300xl and ProCurve Manager. Thatprotection reaches out to the network’s edge with the access controller.

Choking Virus Traffic

Virus Throttle works by detecting suspicious traffic and slowing orblocking it until a network administrator can get to the root of theproblem.

“What I think is most interesting about [the new routers] is the incorporation of the malware ‘throttling’ technology that HP has been hyping over the past few months,” Ed Moyle of Security Curve told TechNewsWorld via e-mail.

“Specifically, they’ve provided that capacity within this router and I think it will be exciting to see how this pans out against real malware. I’m interested tosee to what degree (if any) they impact non-malware traffic — in otherwords how badly they ‘throttle’ run-of-the-mill traffic — and to whatdegree they are actually able to decrease the propagation rate of malware.”

HP said the new ProCurve products will be available in April. The 7102dlrouter chassis will have a list price of $1,499; the 7203dl, $2,999. The7102dl has two slots for modular WAN interface cards and supports four T1/E1connections, while the 7203dl has two slots and one wide slot and cansupport up to 12 connections.

The controller module software has a list price of $5,499.

Virus Throttle is a free software download for owners of the 5300xl andProCurve Manager Plus.

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